I’m a developer, how can I reserve/order some Ori Systems?

Great question! We’re taking pre-orders for our first production run of 1,200 systems right now. Head on over to our pre-order page to get connected to the right member of our team. We are assigning production & delivery slots from Q4 2017 to Q4 2018.

I’m a homeowner and/or renter, how can I buy an Ori System for myself?

Unfortunately our products are not available for retail yet. For now, please fill out this form to get on our VIP list and we will keep you posted as we have updates on this front.

How much does the Ori System cost?

We’re currently only selling to large-scale development companies so we do not have pricing for an individual unit just yet. Stay posted and be the first to know when we release this information.

Where is the product available?

The product is initially available in select cities in the US and Canada: New York, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, DC, Vancouver, Miami, Columbus. Stay tuned for new North American cities coming to the list soon!

Will it be available outside of the U.S. and canada?

The product is not available outside of the US and Canada, but we acknowledge that the need for new urban solutions is a global challenge. That is why we're working hard to bring Ori to other countries in the near future.

Do you offer financing?

Great question and the short answer is that we plan to, but currently are not offering financing for the initial product run.

Is there a standard or extended warranty with my Ori System?

Yes, both. Every Ori System is backed by a full five-year or ten-year warranty, depending on component, and we also offer an optional 4-year "CareFree" extended warranty.  A detailed warranty summary is provided upon consultation.

How do you install an Ori system, or do you guys do all of the installation for me?

We handle everything for you, from shipping and handling all the way through installation. You don’t have to lift a finger. 

Is there any construction needed or will the system just work with my existing condo, apartment or loft?

The Full & Queen Ori Systems only have two attachment points to the apartment: a linear track that gets taped to the hard floor and a conventional AC plug connection. 

How does it get wired in for power?

A standard 15/20A circuit will work to power the system.  The system has a 120W AC/DC power supply internally and three 120VAC outlets on board to power a TV, chargers, etc. Yes, you heard correctly, these systems consume about a tenth of the power of what a hairdryer consumes. 

How do I control the unit? It looks like it has a control interface and an iPhone app? What about Google assistant?

Yes, you are correct. There are actually 3 ways to control the unit.

  1. Via the Ori control interface on the side of the unit.
  2. Via an iPhone or Android app. You need to connect your Ori system to your WiFi network to access this functionality.
  3. Via voice using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa (e.g., "OK Google, ask Ori to create my bedroom" or "Alexa, ask Ori to turn off the lights"). You need to connect your Ori system to your WiFi network through the Ori app to access this functionality and have Google Assistant and/or Alexa capabilities in your home.

What if the power goes out?

Great question, we thought about that too. If the power goes out, the system will automatically turn into manual mode. You can keep using the entire system as if it is fully functional, just by pushing or pulling on the unit.

What about safety requirements?

Our products will ship to the US & Canada with a nationally recognized safety certification by an NRTL.